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As of January 1, 2012, Ag Partners, LLC officially began operation as a joint venture between Agland Co-op (based in Wolf Point, MT) and CHS Farmers Elevator (based in Circle, MT with headquarters in St. Paul, MN).  Ag Partners consists of all the agronomy assets, resources, and employees that were originally a direct part of each parent company.  We are solely focused on providing crop production products, services, and recommendations to growers in Eastern Montana and beyond.

Origin of an LLC
Over the last few years, the ag industry has become more and more volatile, especially in sectors dealing with supplies of crop inputs such as fertilizer, seed, and crop protection products.  Both Agland Co-op and CHS Farmers Elevator saw the need to address some serious challenges that would surface in the years to come - staying competitive, offering quality products and timely services, and ensuring an ample supply of fertilizer topped the list for both entities. 

After years of contemplation and planning by the management and board of directors from CHS Farmers Elevator, the decision was made to construct a Hub Fertilizer Plant facility on the existing loop track that their Macon elevator utilizes to load unit trains of wheat.  The concept was introduced to the board of Agland Co-op, and plans were eventually drawn up for forming an LLC that not only involved the new Hub Plant, but included ALL Agronomy locations from both companies.

Click here for pictures and to learn more about the state-of the art facility.

Business Structure
Since Ag Partners, LLC is owned 50/50 by each parent company, any profit realized by Ag Partners at the fiscal year-end also gets split 50/50 and is sent back to the respective parent owners.  Following the principles of any farmer-owned cooperative, patronage is then calculated and paid back to the grower-owners through 2 dividend checks (one from Agland Co-op and the other from CHS Farmers Elevator).


Board of Directors
Lee Pawlowski - Chairman
AJ Johnson - Director
Troy Larson - Director
Lee Loendorf - Director
David Miller - CHS Farmers Elevator Representative
Dave Williams  - Agland Co-op Representative

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