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A successful crop starts with the potential of each individual seed and its placement on the right acre.
  • Selecting quality seed is extremely important.  There are many factors to consider when judging what is considered "good quality" seed.  Talk to us about our seeding population tool to plan for the most efficient stand with the best potential for growing conditions in Eastern Montana.   See the link below for the latest variety information:
                             NDSU Wheat, Pulse, and Oilseed Variety Trials
  • Planter or air drill equipment technologies play a huge role in establishing successful stands.  Visit with our agronomists today for more info.

Talk to your local sales agronomist to learn why "not all seeds are created equal."  There is much more to a seed brand than just maturity dates and price.  Raising profitable crops such as alfalfa, canola, corn, soybeans, sunflowers, and more is very dependent on proper seed selection.

Ag Partners uses as much local data and Answer Plot data as possible to see how certain hybrids react to population, fertility, disease, rotations, and much more. 
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