Fertility Management  02/06/18 1:03:50 PM

Ag Partners locations carry a wide range of products to manage fertility.  If you can't get a certain product at your local location, we can source it from another Ag Partners site across Eastern MT.  Using multiple forms, blends, and timing of applications is something our agronomists strongly believe in.  Stop in and visit with them today about all the different options that will fit your operation according to specific cropping plans and field history.
  • Dry Fertilizer Products - Urea, MAP, MESZ, Potash, AMS, AmChlor, ESN Urea
  • Liquid Starters - Multiple Blends
  • Liquid Topdressing - Streamer Bar Application
  • Liquid Topdressing - Foliar "Flat-Fan" Application
  • Tissue Testing
  • Soil Sampling

We realize that there are hundreds of products on the market that claim to be more available, have better uptake, or have better efficiencies than others.  While there is plenty of hype and wishful thinking, science may or may not back those claims up.  Selecting an option for your farm that has been proven to be statistically better than another option is very important.  This means a combination of University Trials and local replicated trials.  Below are some of the products we support when used in the right scenario.
  • MicroEssentials SZ (MESZ) 12-40-0-10S-1Z
  • AmChlor Dry 25-0-0-64Cl
  • AmChlor Basic (liquid) 6-0-0-16Cl
  • ESN Urea 44-0-0
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